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Many companies are afraid to go through a natural referencing agency for the creation of their website and the management of their digital communication. The reasons are various: because the chiefs prefer to deal with it themselves or to delegate the responsibility in-house; because it’s too expensive, etc. However,  collaborating with digital marketers has many advantages .

What is an SEO web agency?

The principle of a webmarketing agency

 It is a company specializing in  the creation of websites and the development of digital communication strategies . For several years now, companies have understood the importance of including digital in their marketing strategy .

The problem is that being active is not enough. Still need to be done correctly. And that’s where the Romans clashed. Digital competition is fierce: as productions abound on the Net, it is essential to develop a site with a  coherent and adapted communication strategy  . This allows you to gain good visibility in order to achieve your objectives. This is where the agency specializing in digital marketing comes in. And for SEO, then?

The principle of SEO

The concept of natural referencing SEO  (Search Engine Optimization) refers to  a set of techniques whose objective is to improve your positioning in the results of search engines .

These techniques are numerous, but the best known are:

SEO-oriented copywriting

the structuring of the navigation of your site

writing meta tags (meta-title and meta-description)

the structuring of your text thanks to html tags for title (H1, H2…), emphasis (bold, italic…) and list (bullet points, numbered…)

social media presence

domain name authority

creating a blog

If you already have a website, you know the importance of appearing in the first results of Google  : they allow you to  generate much more traffic . According to a study by Chitika, the first place alone receives almost 33% of clicks, 32.5% to be precise. A good SEO positioning is therefore essential , hence the importance of using an agency specializing in this area.

The advantages of an SEO agency

Calling on professionals in the sector has many advantages.

Examination of your situation and putting your business into perspective

Working with an agency is above all an opportunity to get an outside perspective on your company . His first instinct is to produce an  in-depth and objective analysis  of your company, in order to then be able to  create an effective site You thus benefit from two advantages:

You will benefit from a  fresh perspective on your company and the sector in which it operates . Communication is not just words put one after the other. The goal is to arouse interest and reactions. To truly bring it to life, the digital marketing agency needs to learn as much as possible about you. So she will have to ask questions. This is an opportunity for you to see what is difficult to understand for someone from the outside and to work on it afterwards, in order to make it more accessible.

You will also benefit from a  critical look at your current communication situation . Logically, to determine areas for improvement, the agency must also know what tools you already have and how you use them. Beyond the project for which you are contacting her, this will be an opportunity for you to receive additional communication advice .

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