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If you haven’t thought about making regular backups with one of the cloning software recommended in a previous article , our selection of the best data recovery software should interest you…

A word of advice before you start: NEVER save new data on your storage medium containing files to be recovered! You will therefore need to install the chosen software on a healthy computer before restoring the files on the faulty storage medium containing deleted files.

Stellar Data Recovery

Stellar Data Recovery offers to restore any type of file, deleted or lost, on many storage media and file systems, regardless of how your files were deleted.

The interface is fluid, ergonomic and translated into French and assists you in recovering your data step by step.

Available for Windows and Mac, this utility also offers 2 analysis systems, one quick and the other more in-depth, as well as a very comprehensive file filter and search tool.

It also has a preview system of files to be restored to be sure to recover the right file as well as a photo restoration module on your storage device to recover what you have inadvertently deleted.

The software is available in a free version capable of recovering 1 GB of data. It supports unlimited number of file types and also recovers data from 4K drives.

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Recuva, from the publisher Piriform, is already known for its world famous Ccleaner . Available only for Windows, Recuva is very easy to use since it guides you step by step through the different stages of recovering your files. Although it is very effective, it does not always recover 100% of lost data, but it tells you quite precisely by color code, what can be saved and what is unrecoverable.

Conversely, Recuva can also be used to permanently erase a file, without the possibility of restoring it.

PC Inspector File Recovery

Free and in French, PC Inspector File Recovery not only restores lost files from your hard drives, it automatically detects all connected storage media and partitions, whether damaged or empty, or not detected by Windows. Whether it’s a removable hard drive, USB stick or network computer in NTFS or FAT12/16/32, PC Inspector File Recovery will identify them in order to recover documents that can be saved. . Accessible to more seasoned users, PC Inspector File Recovery has a slightly less practical interface to handle than Recuva, which is resolutely geared towards novices and the general public

TestDisk & PhotoRec

TestDisk & PhotoRec is free software available on all Windows, Mac and Linux platforms, and can be used in command lines.

Not always very practical for the uninitiated, TestDisk & PhotoRec is nevertheless very effective since it allows you to recover lost partitions and identify disks not detected by your operating system.


Available in French and initially planned for MacOS, Disk Drill is now available for Windows and has the advantage of presenting a simple and uncluttered interface, accessible to all. After a phase of analysis of your hard drive and your connected storage devices, Disk Drill presents itself as a file explorer and offers to recover up to 500 MB of data for free and copy them to another medium. Beyond that, a paid Pro plan is available.

You thus have the possibility of navigating in your damaged storage space as if everything was working normally, and even of filtering the elements to be recovered according to their nature (image, video, document, archive, etc.) but also of sorting the results according to of their modification date.

Simple, effective but paying, Disk Drill is one of the most effective solutions.

Glary Undelete

If you are unfamiliar with Glary Undelete, you may have already used Glary Utilities , a PC repair and optimization utility from the same publisher Glarysoft.

Also offering other free software for Windows, Glarysoft offers with Glary Undelete, the possibility of restoring recently deleted files on your hard disk but also on removable storage devices. Going perhaps further than its competitors, Glary Undelete is able to recover compressed or encrypted documents.

Wondershare Recoverit

Compatible with both Windows and MacOS, Wondershare Recoverit guides you step-by-step to fix your lost or deleted file issues. We appreciate its simple and ergonomic graphical interface, which makes it accessible to everyone, as well as its filters to precisely target the file or files to be recovered. Capable of restoring a large number of file types, this data recovery utility has a preview system, which can be used before starting the restoration process. Simply select the folder, hard drive or other external storage device to start the scan. The files found are listed according to their type to target the deleted file you are looking for more quickly.

Power Data Recovery Free Edition

Available for Windows systems from Windows 7, Power Data Recovery Free Edition offers the advantage of offering a preview of more than 70 file types before proceeding with file recovery.

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